Isotonik Studios has announced the release of Samsara, a Max for Live granular looping device by Dillon Bastan, creator of IOTA and Ecosystem.

Designed to be played, the device was inspired by the definition of the word samsara: the cycle of death and rebirth to which life in the material world is bound.

Samsara is a Max for Live granular looping device geared towards live performance, soundscapes and textures. Samsara gives you access to individual grain parameters and the ability to record audio input.

Samsara features

  • Up to 36 grains with start position and grain size, and sync option for grain size in note divisions (based on tempo and global pitch).
  • Phase spreading between grains.
  • Customized volume window.
  • Various playback directions (>, < , >< , <>, ?).
  • Individual bandpass filters for grains.
  • Access to individual parameters per grain: Start Position, Grain Size, Pitch/Speed, Bandpass Frequency Center, Volume, Panning, Feedback (Short delay with feedback).
  • Each individual Grain parameter has option for: Spray (randomize factor of value at the start of each window), LFO, Offset.
  • LFO with basic waveforms and sync rate option.
  • Input Recording with options to record in or out of a looped section of buffer, start/stop global quantization option, start/stop input signal gate option, and appending option..
  • Internal preset system for parameters which does not affect sample loaded or recording parameter. Has a blending option, interpolating 2 adjacent presets together.

Samsara is available for £15 GBP/19 EUR/$22 USD exc. VAT.

More information: Isotonik Studios / Samsara