Plugin Boutique has announced a sale on the Multiplex Vocoder 2 by Digital Brain Instruments, offering a 60% discount on the standalone software developed for music production, live sets and audio post-production.

DigitalBrain Multiplex 2 Sale

The software features four VST/AU vocoders and one audio sample vocoder where you can load any Virtual Instrument or audio file to be used as a vocoder carrier signal.

Multiplex Vocoder 2 features

  • Real-Time Audio Processing.
  • 2 Microphone Inputs.
  • Audio Player Input: Play any file from your computer.
  • 4 Plugin Instrument vocoders, 1 Audio Sample vocoder.
  • Process your input signal through 5 vocoders simultaneously.
  • Autokey.
  • Spectral Input Mixing: Select which range frequencies from each microphone input will feed the vocoders.
  • Input Sends Matrix: It allows using different vocoders for each input when using 2 or 3 inputs at same time.
  • Input Depending Mode: Each vocoder output will be activated or deactivated depending the input level, you can set the minimum threshold to activate or deactivate individually.
  • Master Rack & LFO: 3-band Parametric Equalizer, High & Low Pass Filters.
  • Dry/Wet Morphing: Cross-morphing between dry and wet signals.
  • Autokey: Play vocoders without a MIDI keyboard.
  • Dry/Wet Recording: WAV or AIFF files. Up to 192kHz / 32-bits (depending your soundcard). Simultaneously dry/wet signal recording mode available – Mono and Stereo.
  • Preset Manager.
  • Rec Me: A quick way to record and process your voice.
  • MIDI Matrix: Control Multiplex Vocoder via your MIDI device.
  • Input & Output Routing: Play and record audio from/to any DAW/Audio Editor using Soundflower, JackAudio and JK Pipe.
  • Rewire: Send stereo output or individual vocoder outputs to any DAW using rewire.

Multiplex Vocoder 2 for Windows and Mac is on sale for 19 EUR / $23 USD until September 1st, 2020.

More information: Digital Brain Instruments