Plugin Boutique has launched a sale on Glitchmachines, offering discounts of over 90% off on a selection of its mind-bending Sci-Fi sample packs.

The sale includes:

  • Vimana: 4,083 designed sound effects with a high-tech extraterrestrial aesthetic.
  • Dialect: 5,800+ unprocessed natural recordings harvested from an extremely broad range of objects.
  • Microsphere: Exotic collection of hidden sounds, including audible data transmissions, noise-beds, code sequences, noise bursts and other aural artifacts normally concealed from our sensory perception.
  • Biomorph: Broad spectrum of extraterrestrial sound effects including hyper-stylized digital soundscapes, mutated organisms, granulated liquids, twisted robotic vocalizations, sophisticated low-frequency effects and morphing plasmic textures that defy conventional categorization.
  • Syndrome: Explore intergalactic battle drones, tense dreamscapes and alien soundscapes from another dimension.

The sample packs are on sale for only £3.95 GBP / $5 USD each during the promotion.

The offer expires January 6th, 2019.

More information: Glitchmachines