Plugin Boutique has launched a limited time sale on PSP Audioware, offering discounts of up to 50% off on selected audio effects, and a free additional plugin when registering.

The PSP OldTimerME compressor plugin is 50% off, priced at just $49 USD.

oldTimerME (Master Edition) includes both the PSP oldTimerME vintage-style compressor designed for demanding track and program compression, limiting and mastering processing, as well as the PSP oldTimer a vintage-style compressor designed for track or program compression and limiting.

A purchase of OldTimerME includes a free copy of PSP NobleQ ($69 USD value), a plugin that combines the features of passive program equalizers with a wide range of frequency settings and extended functionality.

To make this plug-in a versatile tool we added several modern features such as an adjustable high pass filter, and the ability to switch high peak and shelf filters to Boost or Attenuation operation.

The popular PSP VintageWarmer2 compressor plugin is also on sale, at 33% off.

PSP VintageWarmer2

This high-quality digital simulation of an analog-style, a single- or multi-band compressor/limiter offers rich, warm analog processing with a straightforward user interface, and comes with a comprehensive library of presets.

During the sale, the PSP E27 multistage equalizer is included for free ($149 USD value). This plugin is modeled after the analog equalizer E27 produced by Avedis Audio Electronics, which offers three-band equalization with nine selectable frequencies in a standard 500x package.


This equalizer offers +/-16dB of boost/cut at musically selected frequency ranges, and offers gentle saturation. Low and high filters can work in bell or shelf mode with a single click. E27 is suitable for both mixing and mastering. PSP E27 offers additional preamp stage for global level control. This EQ plug-in catches nonlinear behavior of analog devices.

Lastly, the PSP FETpressor is on sale at over 30% off. This FET feedback type compressor is designed to provide accurate, almost instant compression with lots of character.

PSP FETpressor

Great for vocals, guitars, bass, drums, and whenever a classic 1970s-style FET compressor is needed. PSP FETpressor contains everything you’d expect from a FET compressor: an internal side chain high pass filter to control amount of low frequency pumping, smoothly adjustable compression ratio, ability to select which channel to process, and a link switch.

FETpressor is paired up with a free copy of PSP preQursor2 ($69 USD value), an EQ that features uniquely designed filters with low resonance peaks for reduced ringing artefacts, great band separation, and narrow notching when attenuating.

PSP preQursor2

All four filters are bell-type filters when boosting, and have progressive Q factors. The PSP preQursor2 introduces PSP’s Advanced Analog Modelling of preamplifier and filters to accurately recreate an analog-like behavior. The analog modelling algorithm can be enabled and controlled per instance, or globally per group of instances.

The sale ends November 28th, 2017.

More information: Plugin Boutique / PSP Audioware