Plugin Boutique has launched a sale on two Wave Alchemy virtual drum instruments for Native Instruments Kontakt Player and Kontakt.

Evolution is a forward-thinking, truly modern Drum Engine powered by a ground-breaking library of over 28,000 electronic drums and sound design tools.

Wave Alchemy Evolution Mix Page NKS

Featuring an incredibly slick design and unprecedented creative workflow, Evolution delivers an intuitive Drum Layering Engine and Browser, X+Y Pad, extensive modular Macro System, Parameter-lock Effects Sequencer, and extensive sound design parameters per Voice.

Evolution’s focus is not emulation – It’s about creating new, visionary drum sounds that push the boundaries of what was previously possible… It’s drum programming evolved.

Evolution is on sale at 20% off until April 2nd.

The Revolution instrument comes with the sounds of 14 of the worlds most iconic drum machines.

Revolution Screen   808

For the first time ever, a plugin delivers the true sound of the most influential Drum Machines of our time – 808, 909, 606, 707, 727, 505, CR-78, CR-8000, Linndrum, Drumtraks, Drumulator, OB-DX, SP-12.

Revolution is much more than just an emulation however – It’s about creating new, powerful sounds that push boundaries. It’s drum production redefined…

The Revolution Kontakt Player library is 50% off until Arpil 2nd, 2018.

More information: Wave Alchemy