Ben Schulz has announced an update to the Oszillos Mega Scope multi-channel oscilloscope effect plugin.

Version 1.13 comes with adjustable colors, a band pass filter, and more.

Your DAW is synced to your music, so should be your oscilloscope. Oszillos Mega Scope is a VST oscilloscope plugin that syncs to the musical tempo of your music.
1/32th, 2 beats, 8 bars? Your choice!

Changes in Oszillos Mega Scope v1.13

  • Adjust the background, grid and cursor colors. You can save your color presets and copy/paste from one instance to another.
  • Zoom in on frequencies of interest by applying a narrow band pass filter to the input before visualization.
  • Full Screen display by double-clicking the waveform.
  • Audio muted in standalone version to avoid feedback loops.
  • UI Tweaks, including modernized tooltip and popup bubbles.

Oszillos Mega Scope is available in VST/VST3, AU and AAX plugins formats and as standalone software for Windows and Mac.

Regularly priced 59 EUR, Oszillos Mega Scope and related bundles are on sale at 25% off for a limited time. Use coupon code OMS113UPDATE at the checkout to get the discount.

More information: Schulz Audio