After previously releasing Headphase and Recirculate, Audio Reward returns with Seurat, its first Kontakt instrument to use the new AGRA engine (Advanced Grain Recombination Architecture).

The instrument uses various instruments and recording techniques, including violin, electric and acoustic guitar, bass guitar, piano, mandolin and ukulele.

Essentially this is a highly-customisable granular synthesis engine, used across the two complementary voices.

Seurat allows you to manipulate the normal granular controls – grain size, grain frequency, attack and release of each grain and sample position but also adds a range of additional parameter controls for things like grain gain (volume), grain position variation (movement), the space between grains and the symmetry of grain positions in the audio flow offering a range of interesting and often unique outcomes.

Seurat for Kontakt (full version) includes 707 samples, 81 selectable sound sources and 175 snapshots.

The library is on sale for £28.13 GBP for a limited time (regular £37.50 GBP). Prices ex. VAT.

More information: Kontakt Hub