Audio Reward has released version 2 of Headphase, the Kontakt instrument library that draws inspiration from the Boards of Canada pallette.

The update to the initial release comes with dual gates and gate syncopation, individual voice routing, mod wheel positioning and a collection of new snapshots.

In keeping with our philosophy of creating innovative new sound design concepts we created Headphase.

Headphase is packed with 1323 custom made samples inspired by our love of nostalgic sounds. Each sound can be controlled in many ways and blended to create sonically deep and lush textures.

Changes in Headphase V2

  • Dual Gates (each voice has its own gate).
  • Gate syncopation – Adds in an envelope as part of each step so even if you set all the gate step values to the same you will still hear each gate step individually.
  • Voice routing – each voice now has its own routing – which means its own Send Levels and its own FX generated by the smooth partials.
  • Mod Wheel positioning – Move the mod wheel and you will begin to influence where in the wave file Headphase is sampling from.
  • 100 new snapshots. Note that the snapshots are incompatible between versions.

Headphase for Kontakt (full version) is available from Kontakt Hub for £25 GBP + VAT.

More information: Kontakt Hub / Headphase V2