Sinevibes 90803

Sinevibes has released 90803, a free groovebox-style sound expansion for Roland Fantom-G.

Sinevibes is pleased to announced 90803, a special sound expansion that instantly turns Roland Fantom-G into an extremely addictive groovebox.

It combines bassline sounds of the legendary Roland TB-303 with drum beats of the TR-808 and TR-909 machines, which back in the day defined many of today’s dance and club music styles.

The 90803 package includes many different patterns and setups, so you can start creating floor-pounding acid house, minimal, electro and breakbeat performances right away. User manual with quick start instructions is also included.

90803 features

  • 10 TB-303 patches
  • 10 arpeggiator bassline patterns
  • 4 TR-808 and TR-909 sample sets
  • 32 rhythm patterns
  • 4 studio sets

90803 for Fantom-G is available to download free of charge as a holiday gift.

More information: Sinevibes