Sinevibes Turbo S

Sinevibes has announced updates to Turbo and Turbo S, bringing new features and enhancing the usability of these AudioUnit plugins for Mac.

Both of them also receive new user manuals which feature user interface guides as well as tutorials on waveshaping with lots of tips and tricks.

Turbo version 1.1.0 now features a fractal generator based on a Lorenz attractor, which is an endlessly changing chaotic system. This generator produces two different but correlated modulation signals that are separately applied onto the waveshape X and Y parameters. Depending on the generator rate, modulation direction and depth you can achieve many interesting effects, such as wobbling drones, stereoscopic image expansion and chaotic waveshape morphing.

Turbo S version 1.0.2 brings several convenience features in the user interface, such as option-click to randomize sequencer pattern and command-click to reset slider and pad positions. In addition, there are 15 new preset templates with LFO and stepper patterns for the sequencer.

The Turbo 1.1.0 and Turbo S 1.0.2 updates are available to download for all existing owners. New customers can purchase the plug-ins for $29 USD and $39 USD respectively.

More information: Sinevibes