Decomposer has announced the release of a full-featured version of Sitala for the iPad and iPhone, giving music producers and beat-makers on mobile devices a new tool to work with.

Sitala is a 16-pad drum sampler that includes a free 808 kit, a handful of controls to shape the sound of each sample, beat slicing, automatic silence detection and trimming and a bunch of other stuff. DJ Fresh recently called it, “The state of the art in break-slicing.”

On iOS it can be used either as an AudioUnit plugin for GarageBand, Cubasis, AUM, AudioBus or any other music creation app that supports Apple’s AudioUnits. This is a big deal since GarageBand’s default drum instrument doesn’t let you swap out the samples at all. It’s also possible to use as a standalone for finger drumming or driven by a MIDI controller (Bluetooth or USB-on-the-go).

The iOS version includes all of the features of the desktop version, while introducing a special-for-iOS sample browser that lets you quickly browse whole directories of samples rather than having to import each sample individually. The iOS version also moves to a MPC-style 4-by-4 grid of sample pads (unlike the Roland-style layout of the desktop version), since that makes more sense for the iPad and iPhone layouts.

Sitala on iOS is priced $9.99 USD. It is on sale for the intro price of $4.99 USD until the end of June, 2022. The desktop version remains free.

More information: Decomposer