Soft Dodo Voice To Instrument (VTI), control SoundFonts using incoming audio

Soft Dodo Voice To Instrument (VTI)

Soft Dodo has announced the release of Voice To Instrument (VTI), a SoundFont utility plug-in by Oded Streigold.

VTI is a VST plugin designed to control Sound Font samples using incoming audio. The audio source could be voice, flute, whistling or any other monophonic instrument.

Voice To Instrument features

  • Low latency, could be used for live performances.
  • Precise pitch detection including slides.

Voice To Instrument for Windows (VST) is available to download as donationware. The free download is fully functional and non-expiring, but it will display a nag-screen.

More information: Voice To Instrument

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it works very good but it looks like pure garbage :) no examples / no finetuning. no donation …


yep – they could do that :) the engine is VERY good.

Roy Newcombe
Roy Newcombe

I’m gonna try it with a very special instrument that I have designed (not quite ready yet) but I
intend to try some other things first.

Not much info here but it looks like the possibilities are almost endless.
It might be the item I’ve been waiting for



Hi, I’m the author of VTI. If you have any feature requests feel free to post them here, or contact me through my web site.