SonalSystem has announced the release of the first volume in a new series of a multi-format collections of endless tape loops.

Sans Fin Vol 01 features 12 original 4 track tape loop sessions, played on the 4 track like an instrument, affected and recorded to set the backdrop for your next prolific production.

Each Sans Fin session is fueled by an analog synth performance recorded in four parts to our vintage 4 track machine.

Through real-time adjustment of guitar pedal effects, filters, level controls, etc during playback, we brought each session to life, routing in a tasteful array of outboard grit and external ambient effects. The result is a seamless, unending loop with endless potential for producers in search of a sonic drape on which to hang a melody, or an emotive texture with which to build a movement.

Sans Fin Vol 01 features

  • Available as Daw specific versions (Ableton, Logic Pro X, Studio One) which are presented in Sessions, a collection of wav files, or Morphagene Reels.
  • 4 Track Format with 6 variations of each file.
  • Not bound to any tempo (simply repeat one after the other for a seamless sound).
  • Offered as a Complete Bundle of 288 loops or 300 Morphagene Reels.

The full collection is priced $69.99 USD, while individual sessions are available separately for $9.99 USD each.

Users of the recently updated Generate can get some fresh sounds for the software synthesizer by Newfangled Audio with Nightfall, featuring 55 presets that are prepped to take your cinematic project to brooding depths where anxious and pensive feelings rule.

Producers in search of grave, ambient moods, look no further. Nightfall features the slow pulsing sounds of darkness, weighty and nervous. These presets dwell in massive lo-fi spaces, providing billowing clouds of murky hues to color melancholy scenes and ruminating characters.

The sounds of Nightfall draw upon emotive frequencies to deliver a full range of eerie, apprehensive, and even dreadful premonitions. Sound designers will find an incredible palette of dark undertones for brooding and pensive plots, capturing the intensity of turmoil, the pressure of despair, and the weight of the unknown.

The soundset costs $19.99 USD.

Additionally, SonalSystem has launched a Black Friday Sale in which all products are 40% off through November 29th, 2021. The discount will be offered at the checkout, no coupon required.

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