sonicLAB has announced the release Cosmosƒ FX5, an updated version of the live audio stochastic processor that offers incredible sound bending potential.

Cosmosƒ FX5 features a convolution engine that allows you to choose or import any impulse response file and have the meso events send their signals at stochastically modulated levels to the engine, creating powerful depth of processing.

Version 5 also include a new LFO terrain mode, an industry standard 1st order and 3rd order Ambisonic encoder, custom envelope editing with bezier curves, and more.

Changes in Cosmosƒ FX5

  • Convolution engine that allows importing your own impulse response files and process the meso events individually with stochastic signal send controlled by modulators.
  • Custom bezier curve envelope shape to modulate various destinations as well as the convolution impulse envelope.
  • LFO terrains mode allows for polyphonic modulation.
  • Surround sound output and 3D spatialization with an industry standard 1st order and 3rd order ambisonic encoder with ACN ordering and SN3D format, spatializing the meso events on curve paths or stochastic distribution in the surround space.
  • Complex 3D paths and stochastic mapping for individual meso events, all automated in the DAW.
  • Ambisonic encoded output can be applied for head tracking in VR and 360 motion picture, respectively.
  • Full OSC control.

Cosmosƒ FX5 for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/standalone) is available for 89 EUR. The upgrade is free for all Cosmosƒ FX4 users. A bundle of Cosmosƒ Saturn5S and Cosmosƒ FX5 is 199 EUR.

More information: sonicLAB / Cosmosƒ FX5