sonicLAB has announced the release of VOLBot v2, an update to the super LFO with versatile modulation sources rendering complex amplitude sculpting.

Version 2 of VOLBot comes with new interactive features, benefiting its server/client audio engine structure.

sonicLAB VOLBot v2

The VOLBot v2 can extract the amplite envelope from its input channels and use this as a GEN modulation source. The server can also share this data with the client instances.

The VOLBot v2 can process quad multichannel audio input, each channel with its independent super LFO. The user can bypass individual channels as well. The multichannel processing is especially interesting for disruptive ambisonic modulation leading unusual spatialisation of the encoded recordings.

The VOLBot v2 can also deliver unipolar / bipolar version of its output as raw audio for using it as a CV source to modular devices.

This new update has further improvements made on server / client communication.

VOLBot v2 is available in VST3 and AU plugin formats. It costs 59 EUR and comes with both the server and client version. The update is free for existing VOLBot users.

Cosmosƒ users can purchase VOLBot v2 for 49 EUR (contact sonicLAB for your discount).

More information: sonicLAB