Sonuscore has launched the Orchestra Raffle, offering you the chance to win a one-minute recording of a 66-piece live orchestra, as well as a coaching session with Dynamedion composer Tilman Sillescu, who composed the soundtracks for Hitman, Total War: Warhammer and The Hobbit 2 trailer.

Ever dreamt of hearing your composition played by a professional orchestra? Want some real strings or brass for your pop tune, hiphop beat or dance-floor hit? Are you unsure about the quality of your composition and would enjoy some feedback by a professional? Or you know your composition kicks ass but feel stuck and aren’t sure how to reach the next level?


To help one of you overcome these problems, we are giving away an amazing prize, including a recording of a one minute piece by a live, world-class symphonic orchestra worth 1300$, PLUS a coaching session with Tilman Sillescu, an award-winning composer for great projects such as “Hitman”, “Total War: WARHAMMER” & “The Hobbit – The Desolation Of Smaug” Trailer.

By the way: Don’t mind about the score and parts for the orchestra. All you have to do is sending us an mp3 and a MIDI file of your track and our team will take care of the rest.

For a chance to win you need to subscribe to the Sonuscore mailing list and become a Facebook Friend. The raffle ends July 29th, 2016, and the winner will be announced mid August. The recording session takes place in September.

More information: Sonuscore