Sound Magic has announced the release of Pianoforte 1900, its latest hybrid virtual instrument featuring the sounds of 4 antique pianos.

Sound Magic Pianoforte 1900

Pianoforte 1900 is a collection of four exquisite antique pianos, three of which are grand and one of which is upright. The pianos found in this majestic collection were all manufactured in the early 1900s. Toward the end of the 1880s, Steinway manufactured the first modern-day piano, featuring 88 keys.

This is truly a priceless and timeless collection, owing to not just the age of the pianos (110 years old), but their impeccable quality too. What’s more, these pianos sound drastically different from today’s pianos. These antique counterparts tend to have less overbearing bass and more or a crisp sound with uneven dynamics at certain intervals. Each piano found in this collection also, of course, features a set of distinct characteristics that make each undeniable one-of-a-kind.

Pianoforte 1900 includes:

  • Antique Bechstein: This is a Bechstein Grand Piano manufactured around 1897. This particular instrument delivers a sound that’s typically “Old Bechstein,” with a more “primitive” attack and less body resonance.
  • Antique Steinway: This Steinway D Grand Piano dates back to 1902, and is still in pristine condition. The piano offers a characteristically Steinway sound, with plenty of dynamics and resonances that effortlessly compete with modern Steinway pianos.
  • Lost Pearl: This classic and elegant Erard Grand Piano was created in 1883. Sebastian Erard was a French instrument maker and piano manufacturer of German origin – a craftsman who shared the same position as Steinway in the 19th century. This particular piano has 83 keys.
  • Antique Upright: This vintage upright piano was manufactured in 1903, and has a sound that’s entirely its own – making it unique from other uprights.

Pianoforte 1900 is available to purchase for 129 EUR/$149 USD/£119 GBP. It is available for Windows and Mac in VST and AU plugin formats.

More information: Sound Magic