Sound Radix has announced Pi, a multi-channel phase interactions mixer plug-in for Windows and Mac.

The plugin works to improve the summing of a DAW or a mixer.

Designed to enhance any mix, Pi dynamically rotates the phase of the individual mixer channels to achieve maximum phase correlation within the mix. Pi minimizes negative interaction and significantly improves the overall sound of the mix. Just drop Pi into the last insert slot of your DAW mixer channels and listen. Use any of the 64 groups to bind related instrument channels to enhance your mix even further.

Pi features

  • Groundbreaking, true multi-channel engine, dynamically optimizes phase relationships between mix channels for optimal sounding mix.
  • Three-mode track grouping for enhanced related instruments and multi-mic setup phase correlation optimization.
  • Full Range and Low Frequency global optimization modes.
  • Four mode multi-channel phase correlation display, enables a unique view of the phase relationships within the mix.
  • Internal, inter-channel sample accurate routing, no complicated side-chaining required.

Pi for Windows and Mac (32/64bit, VST/AU/RTAS) is available to purchase for an introductory price of $180 USD through December 31st, 2012 (regular $240). A special introductory offer of $150 USD is available for Sound Radix’s existing customers in their user area.

More information: Sound Radix / Pi