SoundSpice has announced the release of three volumes of its Industrial Glitch sample packs series.

SoundSpice Industrial Glitch trilogy

Mostly industrial with a little glitch flavoring. From the creator of the ‘Ambient Glitch’ and ‘Experimental Dubstep’ series from producer Loops, along with ‘Bio-Mechanic Beats’ from Perimeter Sound, and ‘Clanks’ right here on SoundSpice.

The revolution will be chaos, and the noise will be organized. Mess things up, then break through the static. This isn’t just music – it’s what the robots hear after the humans go home for the day. Work is boring, audio can’t be allowed to be.

Big synths and basses, glitch elements, distortion, beats that go bump in the night, it’s all here. If you like the ‘Ambient Glitch’ series I did for Producer Loops, or the Kunundrum series I did with Perimeter Sound, then you will want to buy a copy of this collection. More beats & percussion, way more, and more up to date & high speed, using modern gear/plug-ins and new production techniques. I strive to make everyone’s music “just sound better”, that was the Perimeter Sound (Todd Milne and myself) mission with loop samples from day one and it has not changed, at all.

Each volume comes with 360-370 MB content (24bit Acidized .Wav files), with the key and tempo information in the filename.

The sample packs are available exclusively in the SoundSpice webshop for $19.95 USD each. Use coupon code GLITCH to get a 25% off discount until May 20th.

More information: SoundSpice