Soundtoys has announced the release of Soundtoys 5.3.1, an update to its plugins that includes an important improvement to Little AlterBoy and PrimalTap and a number of other bug fixes.

Soundtoys 531

Soundtoys 5.3.1 will be the final patch before MacOS Catalina is added, which will also end 32-bit plugin support. It comes with a sync fix for Little AlterBoy and PrimalTap Sync.

When using Little AlterBoy on a mono track with a stereo output, sometimes it was possible for the left and right channels to shift out of sync. This could add an unwanted “phasey” sound to the vocal, or create a slight difference in the sound of the left and right channels. This bug could also affect PrimalTap’s Freeze mode. Soundtoys 5.3.1 fixes this issue.

NOTE: this fix may change the sound of some audio tracks that use Little AlterBoy and PrimalTap (in freeze mode). We think this change is for the better! However, if you think the out-of-sync sound is an important part of some of your tracks, we recommend you bounce or freeze those tracks to preserve the exact sound they have today.

The update is available now. Soundtoys will release an update with MacOS Catalina support soon.

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