Spitfire Audio has announced a new atmospheric and expansive sound design instrument. A collaboration with experimental New York-based composer Lea Bertucci, Acoustic Shadows offers a unique, inspiring palette of epic sound design textures.

This rich, atmospheric collection is made up of brass and percussion instruments performing a selection of extended techniques, transformed by the extraordinary recording space in which they were captured — a cavernous industrial fridge, with stunningly reverberant acoustics.

From deep, ominous textural beds to eerie swells and thunderous hits, organic elements are complemented by evolving granular-based pads, made from the recorded material. These instantly playable cinematic sounds will add momentum, suspense and tension to your trailer music and compositions. Available in our dedicated plug-in, Acoustic Shadows is released in conjunction with the composer’s LP of the same name, out now on SA Recordings.

Acoustic Shadows features

  • 44 presets, from epic hits to gradually evolving pads, intense drones and ominous rhythmic textures.
  • Recorded in a stunning acoustic space with a 10 second reverb tail, creating brooding, suspenseful evolving phrases of varying lengths, up to a minute long.
  • Extended techniques performed on trumpet and tenor trombone, including pitch bend, long directional movement, short stabs and glissandi.
  • Tuned and untuned percussion performances, from dramatic bass drum strikes to metallic hits, snare rolls and swells.
  • Granular pads made from the organic material, featuring detuned pads and rhythmic textures, for atonal, apocalyptic sound design.
  • Available in our award-winning, dedicated plug-in.
  • Dynamics, Expression, Delay & Release controls.
  • Designed for underscoring, building momentum or adding suspense and tension to trailer music, particularly horrors, thrillers and sci-fi.

The Acoustic Shadows sample library is available for 29 EUR/USD.

More information: Spitfire Audio