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Spitfire Audio updates Albion sample library to v2.0

Spitfire Audio Albion

Spitfire Audio has updated its Albion sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt to version 2.0.

Made from a totally new set of samples recorded in May and June 2011 at Air-Studios Lyndhurst Hall, ALBION is the most exciting addition to Spitfire’s commercial range to date. A one-stop-shop of thundering orchestral delights….

Changes in Albion v2.0

  • Script updates including:
    • Solo Mic option removed – CMD/CTRL clicking a mic position now solos that mic
    • Sample start offset option functionality for all short patches
    • Load/Save ability added to ostinatum
    • Transpose typo on the main panel fixed
    • Transpose offset of blue keys is now shown in the Kontakt visual keyboard
    • RR reset now overlays the blue notes and is always visible
    • RR reset no longer affects sustain/legato patches
    • Ostinatum remembers the articulation type keyswitch
  • Patch re-edits
    • V1V2 and VC Ostinatum patches rebuilt for tightness and more consistent sound
    • Brass Hi Longs rebuilt for tighter tuning
    • Brass Hi Shorts rebuilt for tighter tuning and timing
  • Various bug fixes.

Spitfire Audio has also announced the first upgrade pack for Albion which will be made available to download in approximately 2 months time. Albion V3 will feature not only improved functionality but also a raft of totally new content. Including:

Albion content packs
  • Albion Orchestra: All new “Mid Brass” featuring a fantastic French Horn and Trombone section.
  • Mixed Ensembles: Devoted patches to reduce crossover voicing spikes in the previously released ensemble Multis.
  • Darwin Cymbals: The most monstrous collection of surround cymbal ensembles you’ve ever heard.
  • Brunel Loops: 10 All new loops/ instruments including Hamster Cage and Traffic Cone.
  • Stephenson’s Steam Band: Reverses and Transitions.

Albion 2 for Kontakt is available to purchase for £349 GBP. The new content and added functionality in version 3 will be available to Albion users at no cost.

More information: Spitfire Audio / Albion

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