Splice has introduced a new Splice Explores series sample pack that brings an eclectic and gorgeous collection of multi-purpose sounds that demonstrate how the spaces we occupy shape our listening experience.

Arcology features the sounds of wandering flutes bouncing off cavernous arches, accordion loops inside of a wind tunnel, harp melodies echoing up a concrete stairwell, and metal percussion struck inside a semi-dome forgery, combined with beautiful field recordings of the surrounding nature.

Arcology is the fusion of architecture with ecology, a comprehensive urban perspective. In nature, as organisms evolve, they increase in complexity and become a more compact system. A city should similarly evolve, functioning as a living system. Arizona’s iconic town of Arcosanti is putting this concept to the test with a radical reorganization of the sprawling urban landscape into dense, integrated, three-dimensional mini-city that promotes community, creativity, and connection with the environment.

What does Arcology sound like? Splice Explores: Arcology dives into a sonic exploration of how architecture shapes sound and the experience of living in uniquely reverberating shapes. The Splice team went back to Arcosanti to collaborate with resident artists Adam Taylor, Pinto Bella, and Ace Schutte to share their story of this unique architectural space through sound.

The sounds of Arcology are available to Splice subscribers. New users can sign up for a 14-day trial to try Splice Sounds.

More information: Splice Explores