V.I Stereo to 5.1 Converter VST Plugin Suite

Steve Thomson has released V.I Stereo to 5.1 converter VST Plugin Suite.

V.I is a free VST plugin for designed to convert a stereo input to a 5.1 audio output.


  • Width correction helps compensate for source files that were mixed too narrow or too wide
  • Independent controls for adding ambience to the front or rear soundstage
  • Pass-through of original left and right signals ensures accurate reproduction of original stereo imaging (when not in Movie Mode)
  • Companion fLfR, CLFE, and sLsR VST plugins duplicate V.I’s effects in channel pairs for VST hosts that do not support multichannel plugins such as V.I
  • Movie Mode switch redirects some dialog frequencies from front left and right channels to the center channel to enhance dialog while still maintaining a good stereo soundstage
  • On/off control for A-B monitoring of effect
  • Switchable LFE channel

Visit Steve Thomson’s website for more information and links to download installer or zip file of V.I Stereo to 5.1 converter VST Plugin Suite version 1.1.