Schwa @ Stillwell Audio has released Oligarc, a collection of four virtual analog FX, tied together by a modulation nerve center that converts the input audio into control signals that can be routed to most of the effect knobs.

Stillwell Audio Schwa Oligarc

Stillwell Audio Schwa Oligarc – The modulation nerve center

From the product page:

Oligarc can be an LFO-driven filter, an envelope-controlled phaser, a gate-triggered saturation effect, or anything else you can think up, including mad combinations of linked modulation of multiple effects at once.

Oligarc contains standalone versions of the Drive, Phaser, and Chorus effects, for more traditional usage — although there’s nothing traditional about these effects.

Oligarc is available for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) and costs $60 USD for a commercial license, or $40 USD for a REAPER-only, non-commercial version.

Visit Stillwell Audio for more information and a link to download an evaluation copy of Oligarc.