Sub51 has teamed up with Berlin-based Soundtrax Drop for a new drag ‘n’ drop sample-based Kontakt instrument.

Intuitive and inspiring, Drop Pad allows dynamic blending of 4 imported sound sources to create multilayered complex sounds that morph and evolve in an organic way.

Drop Pad’s XY-Morph movements can be recorded in the instrument itself, all four samples can be edited and modulated by the onboard Filters and its custom designed LFOs. Seven of the best Kontakt effects and an optional Arp will give the sound the final touch – and the good news is: All samples and almost every movement or modulation can be instantly tempo-synced.

Drop Pad uses Kontakt’s new MIR technology to automatically detect tonal material during import and adjusts the pitch of the audio file. Sample editing options include individual controls related to the pitch, envelope, pan position, loop and sample start. The playback engine can be set to the classic ‘Sampler’ or ‘TM Pro’ Mode (incl. tempo/speed settings) to provide convenient tempo adjustment.

The instrument library includes a variety of modulation option, 7 global effect and a special FX Warp pad, and 900MB of high quality on-board snapshots and samples, and 123MB op waveform samples including noise, timecode, turntable belt & electrical noise, vinyl crackles and sine waves.

Available for the full version of Kontakt 6.6.1, Drop Pad is on sale for the reduced price of £27.97 GBP until March 14th, 2022 (regular £39.97 GBP). Komplete Kontrol is supported via selected pre-defined parameters.

More information: Sub51