Plugin Boutique has announced the launch of annual Sugar Bytes Cyber Week Sale, offering discounts of up to 57% off on its software synthesizers, MIDI fx, and creative audio plugins.

Featuring some of our favourite plugins, Sugar Bytes get Black Friday going with huge discounts off their award-winning and creative line of products! Plugins as low as €49/$49

The sale includes:

  • DrumComputer $99 USD: Next level drum synthesizer.
  • Aparillo $79 USD: 16-voice FM synthesizer for cinematic sound design.
  • Effectrix $79 USD: Multi-effect sequencer with 14 expressive tools.
  • Obscurium $69 USD: Synth with VST hosting & generative pitch engine.
  • Turnado $79 USD: Multi effect for massive real-time audio manipulation.
  • Factory $59 USD: Poly synth with unique modulation-matrix and sequencers.
  • WOW2 $59 USD: Creative multi filter with that warm and juicy sound.
  • Looperator $79 USD: Loop design powerhouse. Rearrange your groove.
  • Egoist $59 USD: Load any audio file and squeeze the groove out of it.
  • Cyclop $69 USD: Monophonic, raw and unbelievably versatile synth.
  • Guitarist $59 USD: Expressive e-guitar with authentic riffs and amps.
  • Consequence $59 USD: Chord groovebox with 800MBs of sounds.
  • Thesys $49 USD: Pitch sequencer with vast MIDI out capabilites.
  • Unique $59 USD: Virtual analog synth keen on vocals.
  • Artillery2 $59 USD: The effect keyboard. Do magic with your tracks.

The Sugar Bundle comprising all Sugar Bytes plugins is on sale for $399 USD during the promotion.

The offer expires December 6th, 2020.

More information: Sugar Bytes