KV331 Audio has announced that it has updated its SynthMaster and SynthMaster Player software synthesizers to version 2.8.10.

The update adds a resizeable UI to SynthMaster Player, new factory presets by Vandalism Sound, and some critical issues have been fixed.

KV331 SynthMaster UI scaling

Changes in SynthMaster/SynthMaster Player v2.8.10

  • SynthMaster Player: Resizeable UI: All of the default KV331 skins are now available at the following sizes: 100%, 120%, 140% and 160%. The plugin also automatically selects the correct size based on the user’s current screen size.
  • New Factory Presets: SynthMaster and SynthMaster Player 2.8.10 come with 70 new factory presets designed by Vandalism Sound.
  • The free version of SynthMaster Player 2.8.10 now comes with 400 factory presets.
  • Critical bugs fixed:
    • SynthMaster crashes when a skin with the correct size is not found.
    • Load Random preset menu doesn’t work.
    • SynthMaster generates noisy output when engine buffer size >= XLarge and engine quality >= Better.
    • Portamento doesn’t work when engine quality > Good and buffer size >= Large.
    • Portamento duration shortens when engine quality is increased.
    • SynthMaster throws “SynthMaster could not find data files” error on Windows.
    • SynthMaster Windows setup doesn’t write installation location to SynthMasterFolders.txt file on 64bit systems.
    • SynthMaster prompts user to close and reopen plugin window when samples are imported.
    • SynthMaster chooses wrong folder for sample import.
    • Layer1:Filter2 Filter Type buttons control Layer1:Filter1 Filter Type.
    • Save menu items (Rename, add to favorites, upload) don’t work.

The updated versions are now available to registered users. Demo versions have also been updated.

More information: SynthMaster