Synthogy Ivory II

Synthogy has announced that it will introduce its next generation of Ivory piano products in 2010.

Dubbed Ivory II, the powerful new custom engine for Synthogy’s line of virtual pianos will provide exciting new features, an all-new GUI, and further expanded piano sample sets to provide performers with more expressive detail than ever.

New in Ivory II

  • Sympathetic String Resonance, a sought after but elusive characteristic of real pianos that Synthogy approaches in a completely new and unique way to realize the true complexities and subtleties of sympathetic string excitation.
  • Half Pedaling, Lid Position, Pedal Noise, and Tuning Tables to deliver the most detail and control available in a virtual piano.
  • Timbre Shifting, Parametric EQ, and new Synth Layer control offer powerful new sound sculpting capabilities for custom piano programming and sound design.
  • Each Ivory piano, in every Ivory product, has been further refined and developed to include more velocity levels (up to 18 per piano), more soft pedal samples, more release samples, with greater fidelity and refinement than ever before, to surpass Ivory’s already unmatched playability.

The Ivory II upgrade will be offered on all three of Synthogy’s existing products in the spring of 2010. Upgrades for existing customers will be offered, with details to be announced at a later date.

More information: Synthogy