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Plugin Alliance bx_console N

Plugin Alliance releases bx_console N virtual 72-channel Neve console plugin

Plugin Alliance has launched Brainworx bx_console N, a plugin emulation of the rare 72-channel Neve VXS analog console owned by producer/engineer Dirk Ulrich. bx_console N...
Brainworx Dirk

Brainworx celebrates 10th Anniversary with 10 Deals

Brainworx has announced it is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a 10 Years/10 Deals promotional campaign sale. It’s been 10 years since Plugin Alliance’s founding...
Plugin Alliance bx console E

Plugin Alliance releases bx_console E plugin by Brainworx

Plugin Alliance has announced the release of bx_console E, a plugin that models the classic British E Series mixing console, offering 72 different channels. This...
Plugin Alliance AAX DSP Bundle

Plugin Alliance launches 100% AAX DSP Bundle v1.4

Plugin Alliance has announced availability of its 100% AAX DSP Bundle V1.4, offering a collection of 50 premier plugins. The bundle including the new HG-2,...
Plugin Alliance bx_rockrack V3 Player

Plugin Alliance launches free bx_rockrack V3 Player guitar amp plugin

Plugin Alliance has released the bx_rockrack V3 Player, a free guitar amp effect plugin for Windows and Mac. This Player version of bx_rockrack comes with...

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