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Acon Digital Multiband Dynamics UI

Acon Digital’s Mastering Suite updated with macOS Catalina support

Acon Digital has updated its Mastering Suite consisting of five mastering plugins to version 1.1. The bundle of plugins that were designed for maximum signal...
MAAT LINearise

MAAT releases LINearise versatile redithering tool for Windows and macOS

MAAT has announced the release of LINearise, a highly adjustable, versatile, and easy to use redithering tool. LINearise is our rethinking of redithering; the final...
Acon Digital Dynamics

Acon Digital releases Mastering Suite collection of plugins for maximum transparency

Acon Digital has announced the release of a new Mastering Suite consisting of five plugins for audio mastering based on processing tools from its...
AOM Sakura Dither

A.O.M. releases Sakura Dither + plugins updated to v1.9.0

A.O.M. Audio Plugins has released Sakura Dither, a dithering effect plugin that 4 types of dither to convert the input floating-point signal to an...
Goodhertz Vulf Compressor

Goodhertz updates plugins to v3.0 incl. Windows & macOS VST/VST3 support

Goodhertz has released version 3.0 of its plugins, which now include Windows support as well as VST and VST3 for macOS. Big News: our v3.0...
Airwindows Melt

Airwindows releases Melt, free ‘wobbly & weird’ plugin

Airwindows' latest plugin is Melt, a free 'wobbly & weird' effect plugin for Windows and Mac. As useful as utility plugins are, sometimes you just...

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