Tag: Encounters Media

Encounters VPS Avenger

Encounters Media offers 50% off on sound packs & GUI skins

Encounters Media has announced a limited time sale with a 50% discount on all its products.The promotion includes:Skins for VPS Avenger. ...
Encounters FairVenger

Encounters Media releases FairVenger VPS Avenger expansion

Encounters Media has announced the release of FairVenger, an '80s synthwave inspired expansion pack for the VPS Avenger synthesizer instrument by Vengeance Sound.The base...
Godly Synth1 Famous Banks

Encounters Media releases Dance’n 90s, New Wave’n 80s & Rock for Synth1

Encounters Media has released three soundsets in the Synth1 Godly Famous Bank series.Synth1 is a software synthesizer designed by Ichiro Toda. It was originally...

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