Tag: Mark Towers

AfroDJMac The Round Wavetable Pack

AfroDJMac releases Free Round Wavetable Ableton Live Pack

AfroDJMac has launched a collection of 32 free presets for the Wavetable synthesizer in Ableton Live 10. The Round Wavetable Pack is a collaboration with...
Mark Towers Multi Analyser

Isotonik Studios releases free Multi Analyser & BSOD sample freezing effect

Isotonik Studios has announced the release of a free Max for Live analysis device by Mark Towers that can display audio frequencies of up...
Isotonik Studios Ghosts LE

Isotonik Studios releases Ghosts LE free M4L generative sequencer

Isotonik Studios has released Ghosts LE, a free generative sequencer for Max for Live. The Pac-Man inspired freebie is celebrating the reception given to the...

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