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Matchtering 2

Matchering open source audio matching and mastering updated to 2.0

Instant mastering tool Matchering was updated to version 2.0, bringing big changes to the containerized web application and Python library for audio matching and...

SOUND.TOOLS Matchering mastering service folds, now open source

SOUND.TOOLS has announced that it has made available the source code of the Matchering online mastering service at GitHub.Previously in open beta, the service...

SOUND.TOOLS launches Matchering public beta

SOUND.TOOLS has announced an open beta of its Matchering online service with an automatic flexible processing algorithm, which offers a novel online mastering experience.The...
Sound Tools Matchering

Sound.Tools intros Matchering online mastering service with matching

Sound.Tools has introduced Matchering, the first instant audio mastering service that offers reference matching.Matchering lets you apply mastering settings of a reference track to...

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