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SympleSound Oneshots Vol 1

SympleSound releases free Oneshots Volume 1 sample pack

SympleSound has released Oneshots Volume 1, a free sample pack featuring a collection of samples by Francis Preve. From 2011-2015, Francis Preve released a series...
Symplesound FM Collection Vol 1

Symplesound releases FM Collection Vol 1 for Ableton Live

Symplesound has launched the FM Collection Vol 1, a collection of three Ableton Live projects, featuring the sounds of the Yamaha DX7 and TX-81Z...

Symplesound releases free PurpleDrums for Ableton

Symplesound has released PurpleDrums, a free Ableton Live 9.5 project. A Linn LM-1, flanger, compressor and pure genius. These are the ingredients that created Prince’s...

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