TeamDNR Symmetry Pro for u-he ACE

TeamDNR has released version 1.1 of Symmetry Pro, a sound bank for the ACE virtual modular synthesizer by u-he.

TeamDNR Collaborative Designs has announces the release of Symmetry Pro 1.1, which increases the size of the soundset from 82 sounds to 120 sounds, and includes also a new “morphing” category of sounds, which are extremely dynamic, morphing sounds which utilize velocity extensively.

The new derivative sounds contained are labeled with the keyword ‘ALT’, making sure to keep the entire original soundset the same. This update is free for all users of Symmetry Pro and can be downloaded from your user account.

Symmetry Pro is available to purchase for $9 USD. A collection of 12 free sounds from the pack can be found on the TeamDNR product page.