Terry West has released version 1.54 of CS-12, a free channel strip effect plug-in for Windows.

Terry West CS-12

Terry West CS-12 Channel Strip

Changes in CS-12 v1.54

  • Tweaked gui with new faders.
  • Improved fader-handling.
  • Visual eq-in-out settings display.
  • Newyork authentic “Knock” effect added.
  • New 22 improved presets for mastering and instruments.
  • Phase-meter added.
  • Low and High exciters added.
  • Latest Relife (C) update added.
  • Full multicore support.

Note: CS12 “horizontal” version has been dropped, there will be one version from now on. SE was used for the gui, EQ processing external.

CS-12 is available to download as a free VST effect plug-in for Windows PC.

More information: Terry West