VST Buzz is offering a 69% discount on The Container by Spaectrum Arts, a Kontakt instrument library featuring 3.7 GB of unique percussive and atmospheric content.

“The Container” – A unique percussion library recorded using a massive 220lb plain metal container, and played with all kinds of sticks and mallets, including double bass bows, super balls, hand drumming, and other accessories.

Covering a wide range of textures, from percussive strokes, to rubs, frictions, and experimental techniques, and featuring Spaectrum Arts’ custom KSP scripted Granulator Synthesizer effect, this library will give your musical projects a completely unique atmosphere!

The Container features

  • 26 Kontakt Instruments: Bowed Kit, Brush Kit, Drum Sticks, Metal Rods Hits & Rubs, Miscellaneous Techniques, Plastic Kit, Superball Hits, Rolls and Rubs 1 & 2, Taiko Bachi Hits, Rolls and Rubs, Timpani Mallets.
  • 13.7 GB unique samples (Using NI Kontakt lossless compression .ncw).
  • 10 different microphones.
  • Scripted mixer panel, instrument view panel, fx panel and powerful Granulator synthesizer tab (countless ways to morph and manipulate sounds).
  • SFX kits: Abyss, Air, Crystals, Electricity 1 & 2, Evolution, Haunted, Low, Reversed, Sweeping, Tension.
  • Global presets using all the effects and the Granulator.
  • Per-key precise tuner.
  • Effects: L0-Fi, Skreamer, Hi/Low Pass Filters, Solid 4 Band EQ, Delay & 16 Reverb types including Rooms, Halls, Stadiums, Cathedrals and Early Reflections.
  • Note: Requires the full retail version of Kontakt 5.4.1 or higher.

The Container is on sale for only 15 EUR until March 12th as part of VST Buzz’s Kontakt Indie Developer Week. It is normally sold for 49 EUR (prices ex. VAT where applicable).

More information: VST Buzz