Plughugger has returned with another exclusive free sample pack! This time around, Carl sat down with the Crave analog semi-modular synthesizer from Behringer to bring you a fresh collection of sounds.

While the Crave is a quite limited synthesizer, thanks to it’s semi-modular approach, you can expand its sound palette quite a bit.

One of the things about the Crave that really stands out is the sequencer, which allows you to make quite advanced sequences including ratcheting, glides and accents. So if you are looking for a 303-esque style synth that doesn’t sound like the 303 – the Behringer Crave is a fantastic choice.

The pack features a collection of 101 monophonic 16-bit samples, recorded at 48 kHz and then converted down to 44.1 kHz.

  • 14 kicks.
  • 10 snares.
  • 8 hihats (6 closed / 2 open).
  • 6 shakers.
  • 2 crash cymbals.
  • 1 rimshot.
  • 8 percussion sounds.
  • 21 bass sounds.
  • 31 fx.

All samples are original and 100% royalty free. You can download The Crave below.

 The Crave — Download size: 14.68 MB

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