The Loop Loft has launched its new Layers Vol 1 sample pack, featuring a collection of building blocks. The pack includes 320 loops and 66 samples for creating stackable rhythms with endless options.

The Loop Loft Layers Vol 1

Combining dozens of percussive instruments, with multiple timbres and interwoven rhythms, this is the core of the new Layers series from The Loop Loft.

Each session in the Layers libraries features instruments that “sit” in every part of the frequency range, allowing you to quickly drag, drop and dial in the sounds and rhythms that are best for your tracks. From thundering, powerful drums in the low range, to driving percussion in the mid range, to syncopated shakers and hi hats in the high range, Layers was designed to musically fill out your tracks and compliment existing drums and grooves.

In addition the the hundreds of loops included in Layers Vol 1, the library features pristinely recorded samples of every instrument used in the recording process, literally putting the sounds of the entire collection at your finger tips. Just drag and drop into your favorite sampler (including MASCHINE, MPC and Ableton) and experience a new world of percussion and drums.

The sample pack is available for purchase for $39 USD.

More information: The Loop Loft / Layers Vol 1