Thomas Mundt has released version 1.05 of LoudMax, a look-ahead brickwall maximizer effect plug-in for Windows.

Look-Ahead Brickwall Limiter driven by an Automatic Gain Control.

Maximum Gain can be adjusted with a Drive Slider. Maximum Output Level can be adjusted with the Output Slider.

LoudMax v1.05 features

  • Supported Samplerates: 2kHz-384kHz.
  • Possible Overdrive without audible distortion: 730dB.
  • No oversampling, no meters.
  • Latency and Attack Time: 1.25ms – 1 Sample.
  • Release Time: Automatic, depending on the input.
  • Maximum Release Time: 1360ms (after that time in any case the output signal reaches 99% of the desired level).
  • Minimum Release Time: 13.3ms.
  • Linear Attack Curve, S-Type Release and Automatic Gain Control Curves.
  • Low CPU Usage: ~15MHz @ 48kHz Samplerate on my Intel Pentium D.
  • No VST 2.4 64-Bit support, but internal audio processing with 80-Bit LongDoublePrecision.

LoudMax is available as a freeware VST effect plug-in for Windows PC.

Download LoudMax here.