Just the other day I read a post on how the stigma of the home office is vanishing.

Clive writes:

Do you work from home? When you answer the phone, do you try to pretend you’re at an “office” — or do you let your colleagues know where you are?

He links to an interesting article by Marci Alboher, who claims that work-from-home entrepreneurs are increasingly candid about the fact that they work from home.

Clive also argues that mobile phones have contributed to this change by transforming the acoustic and geographic environments in which people conduct business.

Thriving Office

But today I read about Thriving Office, a soundtrack of a busy office.

This cd contains two 39-minute tracks with “Busy” and “Very Busy” sounds of voices, phones, computers, drawers and more…

Small businesses know they must seem successful to become successful. So they play Thriving Office while they’re on the phone. This valuable CD is filled with the sounds people expect to hear from an established company, providing instant credibility. It’s fast, easy and effective!

Okay, so you want to gain trust from new customers/business relations by lying to them on the phone? Way to go…