Tim Conrardy

Tim Conrardy is a well known sound designer who has worked on presets for many commercial and freeware plug-ins. His Atari MIDI World website is one of the best resources when it comes to making music on the Atari.

Tim’s patch collection includes preset banks for a multitude of VST instruments (check the list below for details).

You can either download the whole package of patches below (2.13MB) or check for individual patches in the plug-in section.

 Tim Conrardy Patch Collection (Download size: 2.13 MB)

If you like Tim’s patches, make sure to check AlgoMusic for the wonderful free and commercial products available.

Tim Conrardy Patch Collection

  • Absynth 2 by Native Instruments
  • Arp2600 V by Arturia
  • Crystal by Green Oaks (3 banks)
  • EZ-Poly by Krakli
  • Foorius by dmi@smartelectronix
  • FreeAlpha by LinPlug
  • Grand Electrix by NuSofting
  • Karnage by Kriminal/Krakli
  • Metallurgy by UGO
  • Motion by UGO
  • Oatmeal by Fuzzpilz
  • Osiris-6 by Neko Studios
  • Plex by Steinberg
  • POCAS by Alex Glass/dsp.mutagene
  • Polyibit by Andreas Ersson
  • Rhino by Big Tick Audio (4 Banks)
  • Sonata by SoHa
  • SuperwaveP8 by Christopher Gill
  • Synth1 by Ichiro Toda
  • The Face by JustJ
  • UKAS by uk-music
  • Unison by ConcreteFX
  • Uno FM by XSynth
  • VCS5 by Richard Brooks
  • Vurtbox by Krakli
  • Wheel Of Fortune by H.G. Fortune
  • WusikStation by Wusik (3 banks)
  • Yava2 by Krakli