Tim Conrardy Patch Collection

Tim Conrardy

Tim Conrardy is a well known sound designer who has worked on presets for many commercial and freeware plug-ins. His Atari MIDI World website is one of the best resources when it comes to making music on the Atari.

Tim’s patch collection includes preset banks for a multitude of VST instruments (check the list below for details).

You can either download the whole package of patches below (2.13MB) or check for individual patches in the plug-in section.

Tim Conrardy Patch Collection Download size: 2.13 MB

Looking for more? Check all patches by Tim Conrardy

If you like Tim’s patches, make sure to check AlgoMusic for the wonderful free and commercial products available.

Tim Conrardy Patch Collection

  • Absynth 2 by Native Instruments
  • Arp2600 V by Arturia
  • Crystal by Green Oaks (3 banks)
  • EZ-Poly by Krakli
  • Foorius by dmi@smartelectronix
  • FreeAlpha by LinPlug
  • Grand Electrix by NuSofting
  • Karnage by Kriminal/Krakli
  • Metallurgy by UGO
  • Motion by UGO
  • Oatmeal by Fuzzpilz
  • Osiris-6 by Neko Studios
  • Plex by Steinberg
  • POCAS by Alex Glass/dsp.mutagene
  • Polyibit by Andreas Ersson
  • Rhino by Big Tick Audio (4 Banks)
  • Sonata by SoHa
  • SuperwaveP8 by Christopher Gill
  • Synth1 by Ichiro Toda
  • The Face by JustJ
  • UKAS by uk-music
  • Unison by ConcreteFX
  • Uno FM by XSynth
  • VCS5 by Richard Brooks
  • Vurtbox by Krakli
  • Wheel Of Fortune by H.G. Fortune
  • WusikStation by Wusik (3 banks)
  • Yava2 by Krakli
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patrick mcdowell
patrick mcdowell

I have known Tim for over 35 years, he is unfailiing in his quest for precision and accurate samples and sounds coupled with his undying abilities to create EXACTLY what he wants makes Tim conrardy the fore-runner in ambient sound creation.


RIP Tim. Thanks for your generous gift to the electronic music community. You will be missed.

Buddy Spike
Buddy Spike

It’s always a great loss for us, poor earthlings, when a talented and artistic soul leaves our world. But that’s why the stars continue to shine in the night. Bon voyage, Tim.