ToneBoosters has updated its effect plug-ins to version 2.3.

ToneBoosters was founded in 2010 and aims at the development of high-quality and affordable VST audio processing plugins. ToneBoosters represents a spare-time activity of its founder, Jeroen Breebaart, and reflects his passion for music, science, auditory perception and digital signal processing.

Changes in v2.3

  • EBU Loudness / EBU Compact: Algorithms updated to reflect the recent (2011) changes in ITU-R 1770, EBU R128, and ATSC A/85 (change in relative gating levels).
  • Equalizer: Added a control for logarithmic spectrum analysis. Power spectrum, left/right pan, and mid/side ratio can now be computed with logarithmic filters with any width between 0 and 1 octave.
  • All plugins: Several minor changes to improve readability of GUIs.

New downloads are now available at ToneBoosters.

More information: ToneBoosters