ToneBuilder Driven Machine Drums

ToneBuilder has announced the release of Driven Machine Drums in two new formats: NN-XT for Reason, and EXS24 for Digidesign Structure.

Driven Machine Drums is an electronic drums sample library, created from an unique blend of 14 drum machines/synthesizers and 9 analog coloration devices.

Featuring a total of 1,684 sounds in 24bit resolution, captured directly from the source using professional-quality cables and A/D converters.

Each individual sound has been carefully edited by hand for tight attacks and natural decays.

DRIVEN MACHINE DRUMS highlights the natural sounding punch, depth, and warmth added by a collection of tubes, transformers, and hardware tape emulation.

The NN-XT and Structure (works with free Structure player) formats are available in the Driven Machine Drums Deluxe package, priced at $87 USD.

More information: Driven Machine Drums