Tonehammer — founded in August 2008 by British Academy Award Winning (BAFTA) Composer, Troels Folmann and Mix Foundation / TEC Awarded Sound Designer and Musician, Mike Peaslee — has announced it will be launching November 15, 2008.

Tonehammer is about creating innovative, affordable, high quality and instant downloadable samples for composers. We believe that composers should be able to pick individual instruments instead of buying massive libraries and only use a fraction of the samples. All our instruments are priced between $29-49 and we only sell instruments that we use ourselves for multi award-winning soundtracks, commercials and trailers.

The launch will include 8 different instruments for Kontakt 2:

  1. Epic Tom Ensemble Vol. 1
  2. Epic Tom Ensemble Vol. 2
  3. Hang Drum
  4. Marching Band / Drum Corpse
  5. Old Busted Granny Piano
  6. Frendo (custom designed instrument)
  7. Emotional Drones Vol. 1
  8. Whale Drum

All the instruments are recorded in excruciating detail and we typically record at 8-10 velocities and 8-10 repetitions (RR) pr. note, including all imaginable- and unimaginable articulations. The majority of our instruments are recorded in a dedicated orchestral hall with state-of-the-art Neumann microphones.

Visit the Tonehammer website for a pre-launch teaser trailer.