Toontrack Music has announced the Jazz EZX, a new expansion pack for EZDrummer.

This Jazz EZX features samples performed by the legendary Drum Virtuoso/Pioneer Roy ”Futureman” Wooten.

Futureman is a multiple Grammy award winning composer, inventor, and multi-instrumentalist who have been a pioneer in using sampled drums since 1985. He has shared the stage and numerous albums with many Jazz legends.

Toontrack Jazz EZX

The Toontrack Jazz EZX can be used together with Toontrack Music’s Superior Drummer 2.0 and the MIDI delivered with the EZX’s can also be used with the Toontrack Music MIDI engine EZplayer pro.

Jazz EZX instruments list

  • Kickdrums: 18″ Pearl Reference Series, 22″ Ludwig Maple Psychedelic
  • Snaredrums: 5×14″ Pearl 50th anniversary Solid Maple Shell (Brushes & Sticks), 3.5×14″ Leedy piccolo (Sticks)
  • Hats: 14″ Masterworks Meritamon Series (Brushes & Sticks)
  • Tom 1: 10″ Gretsch USA Custom Series (Brushes & Sticks)
  • Tom2: 12″ Pearl Reference Series (Brushes & Sticks)
  • Tom3: 14″ Pearl Reference Series (Brushes & Sticks), 16″ Slingerland Radio king (Brushes & Sticks)
  • Crash: 18″ Paiste Fast Crash (Sticks), 22″ K Zildjian Constantinople Medium (Brushes)
  • Ride: 22″ K Zildjian Constantinople Light (Brushes & Sticks)

The Jazz EZX will be shipping later this month.

Visit Toontrack Music for more information, mp3 demos and a look behind the scenes of the Jazz EZX production.