Tunesurge has released three new sample packs at Sampleism.

DX Ultrasonic features two unique and complex FM synthesis pluck and keys patches, with 8 to 12 velocity layers.

The VZ-Mirage pack features a patch from the Casio VZ-1 interactive phase distortion synthesizer. The VZ patch was layered with another custom patch and using some massive reverb a more shiny sound was created.

Protein – X includes 5 lush pads of ambient, dark and dreamy textures for Kontakt, with airy distortion sounds morphing into drone sounds and dynamically rising.

The packs are available from Sampleism. DX Ultrasonic is £4.99, VZ-Mirage costs £2.99 GBP, and Protein – X is a free download.

More information: Sampleism