TwistedWave batch processing

TwistedWave, the audio editor for Mac, was updated to version 1.7.

As for all the updates released so far, TwistedWave 1.7 is freely available for all the registered users. It contains a number of new features, fixes and improvements, the most important ones being the new support for batch processing, and the DIRAC Time Stretch/Pitch Shift technology, licensed from The DSP Dimension, one of the best pitch shifting implementations, an excellent replacement for Apple’s built in pitch shifting algorithms.

Changes in TwistedWave v1.7

  • New Features
    • Batch processing.
    • Support for DIRAC time stretching/pitch shifting and automatic pitch correction.
    • Exporting waveform images.
    • Support for saving WMA files.
    • Added support for the MS and IMA4 ADPCM codec.
  • Improvements
    • Clicking on a marker moves the cursor.
    • Selecting markers in the markers window selects the corresponding audio regin.
    • Prevent doing a selection by mistake when doing a simple click.
  • Fixes
    • Fixed a problem exporting CAF AAC and IMA4 files.
    • Fixed a problem with Audio Units whose GUI would resize.
    • A crash when Command-dropping a file before 0.
    • Applying an ohm force plugin failed.
    • The default preset for Audio Units was broken.
    • TwistedWave failed recovering a session where the signal generator was used.
    • TwistedWave was not looping seamlessly.
    • When using the special paste, the cursor could move to the start of the file in some cases.

TwistedWave for Mac is available to purchase for $79 USD.

More information: TwistedWave