A free music sampling app designed to simplify the music sampling for creators, TwoShot offers an easy-to-use catalog of 150,000+ samples that are provided by other creators on the platform.

The AI-powered search function allows you to quickly find samples that match your needs, whether it’s “guitar loops in E Minor” or hyper-pop melodies. Search results can be filtered on genre, instrument, key, and more. Additionally, the TwoShot audio plugin makes it even easier to create music, taking care of everything from downloading samples to stretching loops, making music sampling fun.

Creators can easily license their content, while users can clear samples in their music in minutes with TwoShot’s automated licensing system. Royalty-free samples require no clearance.

TwoShot is free to sign up, as is the public beta of the TwoShot audio plugin for Windows and Mac.

More information: TwoShot